CCTV Video Balun Hub - 19" Rack Mount

Video Technology for long range high resolution CCTV video surveillance with excellent immunity against EMI/RFI interference.

Major Features of CCTV Video Balun Hub:

  • Versatile 16 Port Video or Video + Power or Video + Power + PTZ Data (E10700A)
  • 16 Port Video Only (E10185PL or E10185PC)
  • Mode of operation between Video + Power or with PTZ Control Data is switch selectable.(E10700A)
  • Feed AC or DC Power up Cat 5 Cable to Camera (E1070A)
  • BNC Female Jack for Video connections (All Hubs)
  • Screw Terminals for Power and PTZ Data Connections.(E10700A)
  • Standard 19” 1 RU Rack Mounting
  • Exceptional performance, High Reliability and Durability
  • High quality and performance
  • Stable over working temperature between 0 oC to +55 oC

Specifications for CCTV Video Balun Hub:

Bandwidth: DC to 8 MHz
Maximum Input Signal: 1.1V p-p
Impedance: 75 ohms RGB, 100 ohms RJ45
Insertion Loss: < 2.0 dB to 8 MHz
Return Loss: > 15 dB to 8 MHz
Common Mode Rejection: > 40 dB @ 8Mhz
Maximum distance: Video Only: Color: Up to 400 m Cat 5e B&W: Up to 700m Cat 5e Video and Power: Up to 300 m Video Power and PTZ: Up to 50 m - see graph below.
RJ45 Pin Out: Video 7+/8- (E10700A) $+/5- (E10185PL and E10185PC) Power 1,3,5 + and 2, 4, 6 – switch in power mode Power 1,3 + and 2, 6 – switch in PTZ mode and PTZ control 4+/5-
Interfaces: 16 x BNC female for Video Out 16 x RJ45 Jack unshielded 4 Pole Screw Terminal for Power and PTZ Control.
Operating Temperature: 0 to 55 oC Storage: -22 to 80 oC Humidity: 95%
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