Ouster Gemini | Digital LiDAR Perception Platform

A New kind of spatial intelligence that accurately detects, classifies, and tracks people and vehicles. Use it to monitor high-security areas with real-time alerts, power crown monitoring, and retail analytics with unprecedented accuracy, or detect vehicles and pedestrians on roads to enhance public safety. Gemini makes it easy for anyone to interpret and use LiDAR data. The Ouster Gemini 3D LiDAR sensors are discrete, easy to install, and cover wide areas of space. The 3D data powers accurate people detection, advanced visitor behavior analytics, and continuous uninterrupted tracking across the entire coverage area.

Powered by the L3 Chip | Cutting-edge 3D Vision Technology

Ouster's state-of-the-art digital lidar technology produces sensors that are high-resolution, reliable, and affordable. Our L3 chip represents a major upgrade to Ouster’s unique 2D camera data layer. Now you can run computer vision algorithms on 2D data that’s perfectly correlated with 3D lidar data, indoors and out. The OS0 and OS1 are now the longest-range sensors in their class. The OSDome is our newest addition to the OSFamily. It offers a full hemisphere view of its surroundings and provides full coverage with best-in-class resolution.

Reliable in the Real World | Manufacturing for Scale

High-Volume with scalable outsourced manufacturing, Ouster can fulfill even the largest customer orders. With a simple digital design and upgraded automotive-grade components, REV7 is designed to bring improved digital signal processing, lower power draw, and a higher maximum operating temperature to withstand the rigors of daily use in even the most extreme environments. Tested to rigorous shock and vibration standards, and IP68 and IP69K rated so you can pressure wash it when you’re done.

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