Intelligent Video Analytics
& Facial Recognition

Vix Vizion’s Imagus Facial Recognition delivers fast accurate face detection, matching, recognition and tracking using advanced deep learning algorithms. Imagus is effective with high or low densities of people in the frame, even with poorly lit, poor quality, angled or obstructed views. 

Face Detection

  • Monitor video streams using Imagus either stand-alone or integrated with your VMS
  • Market-leading face detection accurately detects faces in real time
  • Accurate in crowded or 1-to-1 scenarios and uncooperative environments

Face Recognition

  • Enrol faces for recognition from existing databases, from video footage, or on the fly using Imagus
  • Tag faces for recognition - eg: a person of interest/repeat offender / banned etc.
  • Monitor, track and alert in real-time.
  • Known and unknown associate identification
  • Privacy controls and facial blurring

Face Verification

  • Identity verification for staff/customers/passenger onboarding and online management
  • Access control integration
  • Enhanced security

In today's interconnected world, the security of critical infrastructure has become an essential concern for governments and businesses worldwide. We will explore how Vix Vizion's solutions can help ensure the security of critical infrastructure in Australia and beyond. 


Vix Vizion's Imagus Intelligent Video Analytics/Facial Recognition software offers retailers a competitive advantage and creates a better shopping experience for their customers by providing valuable insights into customer behavior, traffic flow, and other important metrics that can help retailers optimise their operations, improve their marketing strategies, and make informed decisions about their business.