IP Audio Management Systems
ELEVATE your Surveillance System
Designed and manufactured in South Korea, Hanwha Vision’s brand-new IP Audio System will elevate your surveillance systems to a higher level. The IP Audio Systems enable you to gain operational efficiency that is easy to install, use and manage. These products can be supported with the following features:
CUSTOMISED Security Strategy
IP Audio Management System is simple to install and integrate with video surveillance systems. It gives better options: easier to use, more cost-effective, and highly compatible for integration.
EFFICIENTLY Enhance Customer Experience
Add a lively mood to the customer experience. IP speaker allows rich-sounding background music. It’s easy to manage announcements at any time and anywhere with live or pre-recorded voices.
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IP Horn Speaker (Surface Mounted)


IP Wall Speaker (Surface Mounted)


IP Pendant Speaker  (Suspended)


IP Ceiling Speaker (Recessed)