AI and Deep Learning

Digifort smashes the barriers of the high cost that are usually associated with AI; providing relevant, intelligent systems based on established machine learning techniques to solve real-world problems

We Work Together, We Grow Together

Deep integration ensures operators can monitor video analytics events from one centralised Digifort platform. Our close collaboration with VCA spans more than a decade, and the depth of integration is of the highest level, fully embedded in Digifort’s platform, delivering an unparalleled level of power, ease of use and configuration/deployment.

Digifort’s integration with the next generation VCA optimises accuracy, performance and more significant user experience.
Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning
When testing our algorithms, VCA Engineers choose the most difficult scenarios. This scene would be an impossible challenge for most analytics, the shadows and foliage would constantly create false alarms. Notice how well the VCA Technology Deep Learning Filter copes with these challenges and if that wasn't impressive enough also remember the programming of this region has been achieved without calibration.
Digifort Enterprise Metadata Integration
This video will show how to configure the Digifort system to connect to the metadata streams produced by VCAserver. We also have a documented version of the video available from our website, on the partner page.
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