Video Surveillance can provide the education sector with valuable tools to create a safe and secure learning environment for their staff and students, as well as protect their valuable assets. High-megapixel cameras with adjustable fields of view can cover wide areas, reducing the number of cameras required for playgrounds, parking lots and sporting fields, and specialised areas such as long hallways.
Intelligent video analytics on the edge — such as appear, disappear, loitering, sound classification (explosion, glass breakage, gunshot, and scream detection) as well as shock detection and privacy masking in dorms and other living spaces—can help remove the burden from security personnel, respect privacy, and mitigate human errors. Analytics can trigger alerts so that security and administrative staff and emergency responders can receive real-time notifications when an incident happens without physically monitoring the system 24/7.

5 Most Efficient Security Solutions for Education

Pick-up & Drop-off Zones

Dangerous road conditions due to heavy traffic during School Zone increases the risk of accidents and compromises the safety of students and community members.

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Undetected Emergency Incidents

Most campuses have large expanses of empty spaces and unsupervised areas. Through CCTV surveillance, we can reduce the risk of undetected incidents..

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Smoke & Fire Prevention

Alerts can be configured for missing or misplaced critical equipment such as Fire Extinguishers

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Perimeter Intrusion Detection

A Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) is a security solution specifically designed to detect unauthorised access or intrusion.

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Emergency in High-Risk Areas

Incidents in high-risk areas such as workshops and science laboratories need immediate attention. Emergency Alert Systems can improve response time, increasing safety and efficiency.

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