The SolidEDGE Camera
Server-less Solution with Built-in Rugged SSD
Powered by WISENET 7
The SolidEDGE camera has numerous features that make it an excellent choice for organizations looking for a reliable and advanced video surveillance solution.

Its serverless solution, built-in SSD storage, flexible system structure, cloud video management, and enhanced cybersecurity set it apart from other cameras in the market. Additionally, the camera's durability and weather resistance makes it suitable for extreme use, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance.

The SolidEDGE camera is a game-changer in the industry, offering unparalleled value to organizations of all sizes and industries.


Server-less Solution with Built-in Rugged SSD

Conventional video surveillance systems require servers to record and manage cameras. SolidEDGE is a server-less solution equipped with a built-in rugged SSD that enables local storage of video footage and eliminates the need for external recording servers.

Up to 5 Additional Cameras Recording & Monitoring

Users can add up to five additional cameras to the single SolidEDGE camera. A total of six cameras including the SolidEDGE camera can record and monitor up to six video channels and therefore making it suitable for the SMB market such as coffee shops, restaurants, and bakeries. SolidEDGE includes a 1ch Wisenet WAVE license so users only need to purchase a VMS license for each additional camera.

System Scalability

SolidEDGE could be flexible and expandable for multi-site monitoring through Wisenet WAVE Sync. This feature enables remote access and management of on-premise security systems from anywhere in the world. Wisenet Wave Sync also keeps the system up-to-date with regular software and security updates.

2MP Camera with built-in 1TB Rugged SSD
2MP Camera with built-in 2TB Rugged SSD