Digifort SmartConnect Access Control integration with Inception and Integriti from Inner Range.

The Digifort VMS is integrated with many different access control systems using the SmartConnect software license module. SmartConnect links all access control functions, actions and events from access control systems to both the video recordings within Digifort and the real-time, live video.SmartConnect can do this with one or many camera channels within the Digifort system, at the same time.

Digifort can respond to access control site actions and events in many ways, including the following:

  • Create a bookmark, highlighting and naming an event on the recording timeline of a camera.
  • Show a “pop up” tab of the event to alert users in real-time.
  • Trigger an audible alarm.
  • Direct live or recorded video of an event to a video wall for an operator to see.
  • Provide a real-time alert to a person, operator or keyholder by text or email.
  • Open or close relay contacts to drive third-party systems, such as opening or closing doors and barriers.
  • Display a web page, such as Google maps, with icons for GPS-located cameras.
  • Use an HTTP network message to trigger events in third-party access control, fire and intruder systems.
  • Force an ‘operator acknowledge’ response for critical events, to ensure they are handled in a timely manner.
SmartConnect allows Digifort to integrate with access control systems quickly and easily.


Digifort Licensing

Digifort SmartConnect licensing for access control systems operates on a ‘per door’ basis - enabling each door reader and any associated devices.

Real-time event handling

Real-time access control events appear within the Digifort Viewing Client as a pop-up, alert tab. The tab includes details of the cardholder or user; the access control reader name; real-time video of the event from when it was triggered; and a ‘Play’ link button for the operator to view a complete recording of the event. If the pre-alarm recording is used, this will begin at the pre-alarm point. All event information can also be sent by text or email to any designated system user.

Bookmarking and event logs

Access control events can be named and bookmarked on the video timeline or listed in the event log within Digifort. Information about the event time, duration, type, door identification, access control user and the associated video recording for viewing are all listed.

Clicking on the bookmark, or searching the event log and selecting an event, allows the video and all associated data from the event to be retrieved quickly, with a complete audit trail.

Event Search

The event search tab provides information relating to all categories of access control events, with the ability to apply filters to efficiently narrow down search criteria. For example, only Global Events are shown above.

Clicking on an event in the list brings up a ‘Details of selected record’ window which provides further information about the event.

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