Anti-Intrusion Instant Fog Generator
Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly
The eFOG-800 is an anti-intrusion instant fog generator engineered for rapid intrusion deterrence. It operates by swiftly discharging a thick, harmless fog barrier that obscures visibility, halting thefts and compelling intruders to retreat within moments. The fog is a safe sugar-based substance that is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

eFOG-800 provides active protection for individuals and assets. It is optimally suited for use in warehouses, retail stores, banking facilities, museums, art galleries, jewelry stores, and high-end residential properties.
Protects Your Property In Seconds!
Here's a sequence of events in under 10 seconds.
Q: Will eFOG’s fog trigger the smoke alarm system?
A: Yes, the fog will trigger a smoke detector alarm.

Q: Will it ignite flammable materials such as matches, fireworks, wastepaper, and cotton?
A: eFOG adopts cold smoke technology, fog will not ignite common items (such as paper, cotton, firewood, etc.).

Q: Is there any smell after fog is generated?
A: Yes, there’s a slight smell like that of sugar burnt (or popcorn) after generating. The main ingredients of our fog formula are sugar and kaolin. It’s harmless to humans and animals and will completely disappear after several hours.

Q: Is cleaning needed after the eFOG generator is activated?
A: Seldom can there be very few particulates after spraying, it’s non-toxic, just clean it.

Q: Will the fog activation process consume the oxygen in the air?
A: Definitely No. eFOG adopts cold smoke technology (no open flame), it will not consume oxygen in the protective areas, and no harm to the indoor surroundings.

Q: How long is the validity period of the fog formula?
A: Under standard conditions (temperature: -10º ~ 50º, relative humidity: 65% ~ 85%), the validity period can reach 3 years.

Q: What is the power supply requirement of eFOG?
A: eFOG needs a low-voltage power supply which comes with the product.

Q: How about the power consumption?
A: The standby power consumption is 0W and the power consumption when activated is 18W.

Q: Is the eFOG classified as an explosive device?
A: No