Hexagon's 3D Surveillance solution detects physical changes in space, identifies threats in real-time, and notifies relevant personnel accordingly. It reduces the number of false alarms and adds a layer of security beyond what security personnel and traditional sensors provide. It doesn’t require security personnel to monitor many screens.

Leica BLK247 - Smart 3D Surveillance System

Keep people and assets safe: Reliably detect threats with smart LiDAR-based 3D Surveillance.

The Leica BLK247 is a cutting-edge surveillance system that combines various sensors and advanced technologies to provide accurate and intelligent monitoring of physical spaces. Its ability to differentiate between threats and non-threats, along with its customization options and continuous operation, makes it a valuable tool for enhancing security and situational awareness in various applications, including commercial, industrial, and residential settings.

Smart Threat Detection

BLK247 is a smart 3D surveillance system that immediately determines threats versus non-threats with accuracy and reliability. It reduces false alarms and increases overall confidence in your security system.

AI Object Classification

Leica BLK247 AI software provides security and safety professionals with a powerful new tool to classify intruders as "human" or "non-human". This provides an additional layer of detection technology to existing security systems and reduces costly false alarms caused by animals, rain, trees swaying, or trash blowing through the protected area.

Sensor Fusion

BLK247 sensor fusion technology combines LiDAR, video, and thermal imaging sensors. It monitors spaces by performing real-time change detection in 3D.

Full Coverage

The BLK247 is a multi-sensor device that provides 360° horizontal x 270° vertical field-of-view coverage. You can monitor an entire space and define specific areas of interest for surveillance using 3D geofencing.


The BLK247 comes in two models: x5 and i5. They can be used together to monitor an entire property.

Accur8vision for Intelligent Security Systems

Our Volumetric Detection System uses LiDAR Sensor Fusion Technology.

Safeguarding entire areas instead of only the Perimeter.

Accur8vision is an expanded perimetric security system. Unlike conventional systems that typically only guard perimeters, Accur8vision guards the entire area of a patrolled space. If the intruder enters the guarded area, the system is notified. The operator will have information based on the exact location, size, and speed of the intruder. Even the trajectory of his movements will be known.

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    HEXAGON Accur8vision SENSOR License
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    HEXAGON BLK247 LiDAR 3D Sensor Surveillance Camera
  7. NEXi-IPX-Pro
    Tower server for demanding AI video content analytics applications
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    Tower server for moderate AI video content analytics applications
  9. NEXi-IPX-Lite
    Tower server for lite AI video content analytics applications
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