Enterprise Grade, Global and Proven

Today's Digifort is an award-winning VMS - a truly open platform, offering unrivaled integrated solutions combined with the highest-quality performance, and compatibility with one of the industry's leading technology partners. Digifort is founded on a performance-driven architecture while providing stability and one of the most responsive and lowest CPU and RAM-demanding VMS in its class. It is creating an environment that is exceptionally light on IT infrastructure costing much less in hardware and ongoing maintenance.

Enterprise Features:

Powerful Archiving Solution

Whether you simply need an automated archive backup or a cloud storage, we have got you covered.

Control Room Video Wall (Virtual Matrix)

Integrations with video wall solutions and our very own Virtual Matrix feature. The performance of the Virtual Matrix has been designed & optimised to support large amounts of monitors. Digifort’s capabilities in any size control room or operator’s room are simply amazing.

Rapid Failover

Digifort offers one of the most reliable and rapid redundancy features, Failover and Failback. Digifort’s failover mechanism is very flexible and can be fine-tuned to meet the highest standard when it comes to speed, performance, and reliability

Accessing Access Control & other Network Devices

The use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is fundamental in the fight for the prevention and protection of workers. Therefore, ensuring that the protective helmet is in use is of paramount importance. In this way, Digifort IPXAnalytics can identify whether the worker is wearing the helmet or not, regardless of the helmet color.

Put Multiple Pieces Together to Address Your Unique & Evolving Needs

Digifort’s key integrated elements are coming together to create a cohesive and single-command control platform, so everything will be taken care of. Through close collaboration with industry leaders, we bring you the cutting-edge technology of today

Camera Links

Create a link between the cameras providing a seamless ability to follow a person through different cameras, live and playback. Each link (an embedded image like an arrow or a zone) will update the live screen image to a linked camera image where the person will appear next.

Object Links

Activate alarms or global/manual events such as opening a door or triggering a siren or public announcement directly from the camera view. The overlay can also be objects in Digifort like Map, Web Browser, Analytics, LPR even PTZ Presets.

Edge Playback

Connect your NVR & DVR to Digifort using edge license* Keep your legacy system (nothing is thrown away). View live and playback from your NVR/DVR. Run analytics on existing cameras. *Subject to integration.