Wisenet Toolbox PLUS

Toolbox PLUS


Our new Wisenet ToolBox features three applications in one! Whether you are calculating storage requirements or selecting security products, Wisenet ToolBox helps you design the optimal video surveillance solution for your end-user application. Download today and see what Wisenet ToolBox can do for you.

Wisenet ToolBox Includes:

  • Product selector
  • FoV Calculator
  • Bandwidth and Storage Calculator

1. Product Selector: Which Camera/Recorder Is The Best For Me?

- Product Selector is a program that allows the user to search and select the products according to their requirements.
- When making their choice the program automatically creates a product list.
- You can then drag and drop the products onto a comparison chart and compare the detailed specifications.

2. FoV Calculator: Calculate The Camera’s Visible Scene.

- The field of View Calculator is a program for calculating the camera’s visible scene.
- When you choose the lens format size or camera model name, input focal length of the lens and distance between lens and object, it will then work out the dimensions of the scene.

3. Bandwidth And Storage Calculator

- Bandwidth Calculator is a program that estimates the network bandwidth according to the user defined video setting of network camera.
- By using multiple sets of network camera settings, it will calculate the whole Bandwidth and storage capacity for the Network Video Recorder (NVR).

Wisenet Toolbox PLUS
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