Co2-RE927-3G Module

GSM, Communicator, 3G, Helix

      Compatible with: Resolution’s Helix panel

      • Connects panel to 3G-GSM Networks
      • Easy, tool-free installation
      • Enables: Alarm Reporting, Interactive Control Functions,
      Ethernet data reliability, all through 3G-GSM Network
      • This module can be added to expansion in slot1 of the Helix panel.
      It provides alarm reporting and interactive services
      to be offered over AT&TN or T-Mobile networks as
      either primary or back-up communication paths.
      *As standard in CO2-RE6110S-HX-A-Helix Pane

Co2-RE927-3G Module
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Product Short InfoOptional Communicator, 3G, Helix

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