Stand alone acces control kit.


Extruded aluminium module.
Numeric keypad with stainless steel covered buttons.
Systema programming through keypad, with acoustic acknowledgement signal on push..
Possibility to combinate with Stadio digital panels (audio or video) and analogic (4+n).
2 output relays with 8 activation codes each one and an independent panic code.
4, 5 or 6 digits programmable codes.
One code can be used to activate more than one relay.
Relay 1: n/c or n/o, single shoot or estable software programmable.
Relay 2: single shoot with three contacts (n/c or n/o).
Programmable activation time from 0 to 20 seconds in single shoot mode.
After introduction of 3 wrong consecutive codes, in a period of less than 15 seconds, the acces control is disabled during 3 minutes. After this time, if 3 wrong consecutive codes are introduced again, the disabled time is doubled up tp a maximum of 12 minutes.
12 d.c. battery input without charge management.
Fully compatible with rain shields or surface box 1 module Stadio series.

Composed of:
3301/AL. acces control module.
600/AL. closing heads.
CE610. Embedding box.
TF-104. Transformer.

Technical Specifications: Dimensions:
external: 134(W) x 148(H)mm
embedded: 125(W) x 140(H) x 56(D)mm

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Product Short InfoAccess control kit with 'Stadi

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