1 way Stadio plus audio kit. Acces control 4+'n' .


  • 1 way audio (4+'n') Kit with stand alone acces control through numeric keypad.

  • Extruded aluminium panel.

  • Electronic call with acoustic acknowledgement signal at the door panel.

  • Steady illumination at the door panel.

  • Includes acces control with numeric keypad.

  • 4+'n' installation , wich allows up to 3 telephones inside the same apartment.

  • This kits include a telephone (T-902) with an additional push button with potential free contact.

  • Fully compatible with T-900. Telephone.

  • To be used with 12V a.c. lock releases.

  • Embedding box and rain shields fully compatible wuth Stadio modules.

  • Composed of:

  • 2110/AL with 1 push button grille module

  • Sound module.

  • 3301/AL.acces control module.

  • 600/AL. closing heads.

  • CE620. embedding box

  • 1 units of Condal  T-902 telephone with electronic call.

  • TF-104. Transformer.


external: 134(W) x 265(H) mm
embedded: 125(W) x 257(H) x 56(D) mm

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Product Short InfoAccess control kit with 'Stadi

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