Wireless Smart Home Security

Connect O2 is the most intuitive wireless Smart Home Security and Automation Platform for your home. The first fully wireless home security and automation system that can be installed anywhere in the home to deliver interactive security & home automation services.

How It Works!

The Helix HUB is the wireless heart of the system and can be installed anywhere in your home.

Seamlessly add wireless devices to protect or automate your home and appliances.

Easily control and monitor your home from any computer or smart device using the Connect O2 app.

Keypads and Peripherals

Intrusion Sensors

Environmental Sensors

Surveillance Cameras

Revive Your Ageing Accounts

Don't let existing accounts with ageing alarm systems disappear. Retain your accounts by upgrading them to full interactive services.

Key Benefits

  • Full Smart Phone and Tablet security and home automation for existing panels
  • Arm/Disarm your alarm system with the ability to bypass security sensors
  • central station reporting
  • Complete home automation services through Z-Wave connected devices
  • Real-time status of your security system and sensors
  • Reduced account attrition rates

Compatible with:

  • Honeywell Vista™
  • DSC PowerSeries™
  • Interlogix Concord™
  • NX® Panel