VAUBAN SYSTEMS is a French company specializing in the design
and manufacture of comprehensive physical access control solutions

The ACCESS CONTROL SOLUTIONS have rapidly become an integral part of the corporate world, becoming so widespread that they have now begun to be used by private individuals.
However, their modes of use need to change. Today, a fail-safe security solution must be simple and adapted to the environment in which it is used because a tailor-made answer
combined with user comfort is the best guarantee of optimum daily security.


Vauban Systems is a French company specializing in the design and manufacture of global solutions for physical access control


Our solutions are based on open and multi-protocol technology which can be adapted to most new or existing equipment, wired or wireless, thereby offering tremendous flexibility. Our supervision software incorporates a large number of brands in the fields of intrusion and video protection


We design, develop, integrate and customize our technical products, giving you physical access control of your site that is simpler and more intuitive

French Technology

All our products are made in our French factory, and come with a 5-year warranty, With Vauban System, we offer very high-quality standards