Transportation Visibility:

For operations, safety, security, and ridership

Whether they go through the usual commute or extreme conditions, public transportation operators constantly face challenges as they strive to create positive passenger experience through safe and clean stations/vehicles, and as they ensure the systems continue to run safely, efficiently, and on-time. Most often, these challenges arise from "blind spots" with limited or inadequate visibility.

For proactive, budget-conscious transport operators and security leaders, visibility is critical to identify what is working, and what is not. To secure a sound level of visibility, they look to the world-class features of Hanwha Techwin’s video surveillance solutions: cost-effective, high performance, and providing efficient infrastructure that provide necessary visibility for any operations or areas - passenger and even trackside.

To deliver satisfactory user experience, all equipment must be built to last – and so must the company that provides them. Hanwha Techwin, a manufacturer of lifecycle-ready solutions, stands behind a full lifecycle of the equipment, and can also serve in future phases.

Transport Solution Features

Transport-dedicated Solution Traffic management & Public monitoring

Transportation-specific standards acquired

Real-time monitoring of railroad car location and status

Automated video backup over wireless networks

End-to-end solution of cameras, storage devices, and VMS

Failover and recovery capabilities

Flexible system expansion via hierarchical configuration

Interface with other systems (access control, fire alarm, etc.)

Onboard Mobile : Real-time Tracking and Remote Monitoring

  1. Cameras are mounted both inside and outside the buses and trains to check for passengers at the last stop before moving to depot. Special vibration and EMC requirements must be met

    • Our network cameras and video recorders are EN 50155 and EN 50121-x compliant, and they are specially designed for onboard security.
    • The PoE switch is embedded in our network video recorders to make your onboard security system installation simpler, and the M12 connector on the camera can make the system more stable against vibrations.
  2. High visibility of passengers inside the carriage under various lighting conditions

    • High performing WDR feature and multi megapixel image resolution ensure clear image inside the trains even with intense sunlight or artificial light backlighting.
    • High resolution fisheye cameras eliminate blind spots and allow for fewer cameras per carriage
  3. Real-time location tracking and remote-handling of emergency situations using digital maps

    • Storage devices in trains en route update GPS data and status information to a central control center via mobile communications networks. Locations of the vehicles can be tracked in real-time at the central control center using digital maps of the traffic control software, and footage can be checked in case of emergencies.

Station Areas and Platforms : Monitor Passenger Safety

  1. Monitoring passengers and tracking abnormal behaviors by capturing the face for evidence in cases of violence, gate jumping and theft at ticketing area and ticket barrier.

    • With up to 150dB outstanding WDR performance and day/night filter, our cameras and recorders capture suspicious activities in great details even under challenging light conditions.
    • High resolution cameras stream clear views of the platform under various light conditions for indoor and outdoor environment.
    • Gain important situational awareness even in low light with fewer cameras using the 5MP 360 degree camera.
  2. Monitor for passenger safety at all hours, and detect unauthorized access to restricted areas. Camera view for operator to monitor platform area for safety when loading and unloading passengers. Call boxes, help points, or sensors trigger live alert for a timely response.

    • Embedded video analytics can detect when a person enters restricted zone in the station triggering an alarm to the security center, which will operate a pre-defined PTZ to monitor the area.
    • With on-board digital image stabilizer, our cameras can provide a stable image even as trains enter the stations.
  3. Virtual Line detects unsafe line crossing to ensure safety near the tracks

    • Embedded video analytics can be used for detecting unexpected and dangerous situations such as overcrowding or objects left behind, and alert the responsible security operators.

Depots and Stabling Areas : Automatic Backup via Wi-Fi

  1. Automatic backup for railroad vehicle video feeds via short-range wireless networks

    • Due to the small capacity of storage devices installed in railroad vehicles, data needs to be periodically backed up at rail yards using mass-storage devices to enable long-term storage. When a railroad car arrives at a designated train yard, it will automatically start the data backup process to a mass-storage device via Wi-Fi. In case of unexpected stop, the process can resume automatically at the next designated rail yard.
  2. Vandalism and any property theft, such as carriages, parts, or tools, in the rail yard and depot areas occur surprisingly often and the damages are highly costly. All assets and areas are secured with 24/7 remote visibility. Long-range IR PTZ to cover large areas more efficiently.

    • 37x zoom IR outdoor PTZ helps you to clearly identify a suspicious person from 350m away even at night, tracking the person automatically. IR correction technology provides clear images even when both IR and visible light are present
    • 5 megapixel IR vandal dome and IR bullet camera can provide 24/7 security with complete details of the monitored areas.
    • In addition to embedded IR on the cameras, high performing WDR function enables you to observe your depot and yards under challenging and changing lighting conditions.
    • The cutting edge H.265 codec reduces video bandwidth significantly compared to traditional technology saving the storage space.

Security Center : Integrated Control

  1. Monitor multiple stations from a control center

    • Integrate and monitor multiple video security systems in a target zone from a control center via a hierarchical system configuration. System redundancy can be configured between stations for system failure recovery, and an integrated control environment can be built through compatibility with other systems such as fire detection and access control systems.
  2. Small station : A 16-channel recorder is placed at the station in order to store necessary video footage. Remote access from the regional security center is provided.

    • XRN-1610S is an option for small size stations having 16 or fewer cameras with embedded PoE/+ switch, 4 HDD slots and built-in monitor port.
    • Save money by eliminating the need for additional network switches and monitoring software/PC.
  3. Large station : Enterprise recorder ensures all areas are properly monitored and recorded. Resilient recorders are needed to ensure 24/7 operations.

    • PRN-4011 can be an option for medium and large scale stations with 400Mbps recording performance, dual power supplies, 12 hot-swappable HDD slots and RAID level 5/6 redundancy option. Strong partnership with major VMS companies with complete compatibility with our cameras can enable you to have wider range of choices for your systems.
  4. With Smart Search, users can quickly and easily search for the specific video footage of interest from the storage device regardless of how the event recording is set up.; 1) the moving directions of the vehicle or passenger, 2) easily apply a motion searching filter for the Region of Interest. Smart Search enables the users to obtain video footage without manually looking through a large amount of recorded video, which can significantly reduce the time to identify possible crime scenes or suspects.