People around the world found themselves having to make fundamental changes to their daily lives, coping with limited movement and social interaction as new terms like “social distancing” and “contact tracing” entered the lexicon. Simultaneously, countless companies and corporations had to rethink the way they work and as a result new technology solutions have emerged to meet their needs and have been termed as NEW WORLD SOLUTIONS.

Hanwha Takes Business Agility to the Next-Level

Hanwha Techwin is making it easier for businesses and managers of public spaces to easily and cost-effectively comply with federal and local guidelines – and keep their employees, customers and visitors safe. Our full suite of health and safety intelligent solutions can readily adapt to the requirements of any changing business environment. While the COVID-19 pandemic is subsiding, its effects on daily life – social distancing, face coverings and limited public gatherings – are likely to remain. Now, surveillance technologies still need to monitor and protect, but also help ensure our health and safety.

AI Based Solutions for COVID-19



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Smarter checkpoints for safer occupancy

A great majority of businesses are updating their rules and policies to enforce new social-distancing measures and occupancy caps. To assist in these efforts, Hanwha Techwin adapted its 4K artificial intelligence (AI) surveillance cameras to provide business owners with the data they need to keep their employees and clientele safe.

For instance, the company’s Occupancy Monitoring Application (OMA) uses deep-learning to track how many people enter and exit a location. If occupancy exceeds a threshold set by a business owner, the OMA can post a message onto connected digital signage to let patrons know they should wait outside. When occupancy drops below that threshold, the OMA will invite patrons inside so they can conduct their business while maintaining social distancing.

The OMA utilizes cameras equipped with edge-based, AI-video analytics operating within a serverless architecture. This is a first in the surveillance industry and allows users to easily monitor large numbers of people. Rather than relying on a central computer for processing, the OMA runs quietly in the background on individual cameras, eliminating the need for a central-processing location. Instead, multiple OMA-running cameras are networked together with one designated as a master unit. The network aggregates and processes the data from its cameras to maintain an accurate and regularly updated occupancy count.

An added benefit to the OMA is that it can be run from cameras installed in traditional surveillance locations whereas other occupancy trackers require cameras specially installed in overhead positions. This allows business owners to use fewer cameras for occupancy tracking, surveillance, and business intelligence – such as customer-heat mapping, conversion-rate calculations, and purchasing-activity tracking.




Who wore it correctly?

Another major concern for businesses is making sure customers and occupants wear face masks properly. Hanwha Techwin helps its customers enforce mask wearing by way of a firmware update to its AI cameras.

Face-Mask Detection (FMD) uses the deep-learning capabilities of Hanwha Techwin 4K AI surveillance cameras to track faces in real time and see if noses and mouths are properly covered. An FMD-enabled camera can track multiple faces simultaneously within a six-meter radius – depending on the angle at which the camera is mounted.

If the tracking software sees that a face is improperly exposed, the surveillance system can broadcast an automated warning over security speakers or alert someone to follow up on the incident and enforce mask-wearing rules.

COMPATIBLE MODELS - Wisenet P Series 4K AI Camera Range

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  1. CT-PNO-A9081RLP Special order item
    4K LPR/ANPR Network IR Bullet Camera
  2. CT-PNV-A9081RLP Special order item
    4K LPR/ANPR Network IR Vandal Dome Camera
  3. CT-PNO-A6081R Special order item
    WISENET P Series 2MP Network AI IR Bullet Camera
  4. CT-PNV-A6081R Special order item
    WISENET P Series 2MP Network AI IR Vandal Dome Camera
  5. CT-PND-A6081RF Special order item
    WISENET P Series 2MP Network AI IR Dome Camera
  6. CT-PND-A6081RV CT-PND-A6081RV Special order item
    WISENET P Series 2MP Network AI IR Dome Camera
  7. CT-PNB-A6001 Special order item
    WISENET P Series 2MP Network AI Box Camera (No Lens included)
  8. CT-PNV-A9081R
    4K IR Vandal Dome AI Camera (4.5-10mm Lens)
  9. CT-PNO-A9081R
    4K IR Network Bullet AI Camera (4.5-10mm Lens)
  10. CT-PNB-A9001 Special order item
    WISENET P Series 4K Box AI Camera (No Lens included)
  11. CT-PND-A9081RF Special order item
    4K IR Internal Recessed Mount Dome AI Camera (4.5-10mm Lens)
  12. CT-PND-A9081RV CT-PND-A9081RV Special order item
    4K IR Vandal Internal Dome AI Camera (4.5-10mm Lens)
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