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Panasonic IP Video Intercom System 7-inch Touch Screen Monitor



  • Colour: Black with the silver bottom border
  • Dimension: 200mm x 140mm x 15.9mm
  • Material: PMMA
  • Operation: Touch screen
  • Installation: 86box, surface mount with magnet



  • Video intercom: Video communication & remote unlock
  • Room-to-room intercom: Call residents in the same community
  • Alarm zone: Build-in alarm zone functions, have 3 modes (Home, Outside, Disarmed)
  • Call centre: Call and send SOS message to guard station
  • Leave a message: View audio message left by visitor
  • Surveillance: surveil authorized outdoor station and IPC
  • Elevator control: call elevator, control elevator (3rd Party Option)
  • Second doorbell
  • Time synchronized: Device time can synchronize from the centre (guard unit) automatically
  • Blacklist: You can add some numbers to the blacklist and manage
  • Screen Clean function: When cleaning the screen, the screen will be locked for 60 seconds
  • Vandal-resistant: An alarm will notify management when vandalised
  • Unlock remotely /open door remotely
  • Don’t disturb mode: You will receive the call, but without ring volume.
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