LiDAR Enabled Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PID) System

The MQ-8™ Series along with the QORTEX DTC™ is the next generation of Quanergy’s 3D LiDAR Flow Management sensors. As part of Quanergy’s Flow Management™ Platform, it meets the unique challenges of flow management applications requiring accurate, high-volume people and vehicle tracking in the security, smart city and smart spaces industries.

This video illustrates how the Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PID) System works.

What is LiDAR?

LiDAR, which stands for Light Detection and Ranging, is a time-of-flight sensing technology that pulses low-power, eye-safe lasers and measures the time it takes for the laser to complete a round trip between the sensor and a target. The resulting aggregate data are used to generate a 3D point cloud image, providing both spatial location and depth information to identify, classify, and track moving objects.

This video illustrates a fundamental principle of LiDAR and key terminologies that help your understanding of the technology.

VMS Integration

Quanergy 3D LiDAR is compatible with video management system from WISENET WAVE, DIGIFORT, GENETEC and MILESTONE.

  • AI Powered Flow Management Platform
  • AI Powered 3D LiDAR-based Security
  • QORTEX DTC (Detect/Track/Classify)
  • QORTEX People Counter
  • Solid State LiDAR
  • M-Series
Technology Solutions:
  • Transmitter/Receiver
  • Object
  • Point Cloud
  • Classified Objects
  • Business Specific Analytics
  • Mapping
  • Smart City & Smart Spaces
  • Security
  • Industrial
  • Transporation
  • Gaming & Casino

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  1. QRG-MQ-8U
    Quanergy MQ-8 PoE+ Ultra Sensor with one license included
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