Video surveillance specialists Hanwha Techwin and analytics experts FF Group have combined to offer a suite of ANPR solutions ranging from car park access control for business applications, through to large scale city wide based systems, which enable local authorities and police to keep people safe, as well as detect illegally parked vehicles and other traffic infringements.

Wisenet ANPR cameras for single sites

The ANPR application developed with the FF Group, which provides a highly accurate licence plate recognition solution effective with all European number plate formats, has been integrated with Wisenet X Series cameras. The application uses license plate recognition software to allow the user to monitor traffic and prevent crime and record its results.

Events recorded includes

  • Entry/Exit Logs
  • Alerts
  • Black/White List Management
  • Direction Detection.

  • 1. Outstanding Recognition Accuracy

    More than 95% recognition accuracy in any environment or condition.

    2. High Vehicle Speed

    Guaranteed for vehicles at a maximum speed of up to 80kmph on two lanes or at night-time and up to 150 kmph on a single lane during daylight hours.

    3. Wisenet WAVE & NVR Integration

    Seamlessly integrates with Wisenet WAVE VMS and NVRs.

    4. Easy Set Up

    Simple, clear and user-friendly installation, setup and adjusting.

    5. Black/White List Support

    User can define up to 2000 number plates in black and white list.

    ANPR Applications

    Videos - ANPR with Wisenet X Series Cameras - Hanwha & FF Group