Reducing false alarm based on deep learning technology

The Wisenet P Series delivers 4K Network Cameras with AI algorithms, it filters out irrelevant movements caused by environmental changes such as waving trees, shadows, or animals. While conventional cameras detect motion based on its pixels and generate events even if users want to ignore, Deep Learning-based Wisenet AI cameras generate event alarm only for people and vehicles, reducing false alarms for more efficient operation.

Attribute, Best Shot for the forensic search

Metadata including attribute (people : age, gender, colors of top/bottom clothes, wearing glasses, Vehicle : types, colors) is sent to the backend server and used to extract information on specific situations, significantly reducing the time to search the entire video. And Wisenet P series AI cameras are equipped with the BestShot feature for re-identification which ensures that only the most suitable images of classified objects are sent to the backend server.

VMS Integration for forensic search

Wisenet P series AI cameras offers integration of video management system from Milestone, Genetec using Hanwha’s plugin and Wisenet WAVE. This plugin supports seamless integration so that users can easily search the AI events on Milestone, Genetec including Wisenet SSM, Wisenet Wave.

Compatible Models:

  • Motion Detection
  • Tampering Detection
  • Defocus Detection
  • Heat-mapping
  • Hallway View
  • Digital Auto Tracking
Form Factors:
  • Dome
  • Vandal Dome
  • Vandal Internal Dome
  • Bullet
  • Box
  • Retail
  • Commerical
  • Government
  • Airport
  • City Surveillance
  • Defence

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  1. CT-PNV-A9081R Special order item
    4K IR Vandal Dome AI Camera (4.5-10mm Lens)
  2. CT-PNO-A9081R Special order item
    4K IR Network Bullet AI Camera (4.5-10mm Lens)
  3. CT-PNB-A9001 Special order item
    WISENET P Series 4K Box AI Camera (No Lens included)
  4. CT-PND-A9081RF Special order item
    4K IR Internal Recessed Mount Dome AI Camera (4.5-10mm Lens)
  5. CT-PND-A9081RV CT-PND-A9081RV Special order item
    4K IR Vandal Internal Dome AI Camera (4.5-10mm Lens)
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