Reducing false alarm based on deep learning technology

The Wisenet P Series delivers 4K Network Cameras with AI algorithms, it filters out irrelevant movements caused by environmental changes such as waving trees, shadows, or animals. While conventional cameras detect motion based on its pixels and generate events even if users want to ignore, Deep Learning-based Wisenet AI cameras generate event alarm only for people and vehicles, reducing false alarms for more efficient operation.

AI End-to-End Security Solutions

As AI becomes more broadly adopted across industries, it is likely to be more widely incorporated in video surveillance in the upcoming year. Edge-based AI (which filters and processes data locally on a camera) will be more ubiquitous, enabling end-to-end AI technology. Today, most security cameras send the data they collect to servers to be analysed. However, with edge-based AI, the data is analysed by the camera first, and subsequently sent to the server. This reduces the burden of transferring and storing large amounts of data to a server, thereby increasing efficiency, saving time, and reducing server costs typically required to analyse data.

Attribute, Best Shot for the forensic search

Metadata including attribute (people : age, gender, colors of top/bottom clothes, wearing glasses, Vehicle : types, colors) is sent to the backend server and used to extract information on specific situations, significantly reducing the time to search the entire video. And Wisenet P series AI cameras are equipped with the BestShot feature for re-identification which ensures that only the most suitable images of classified objects are sent to the backend server.

VMS Integration for forensic search

Wisenet P series AI cameras offers integration of video management system from Milestone, Genetec using Hanwha’s plugin and Wisenet WAVE. This plugin supports seamless integration so that users can easily search the AI events on Milestone, Genetec including Wisenet SSM, Wisenet Wave.

Compatible Models:

  • Motion Detection
  • Tampering Detection
  • Defocus Detection
  • Heat-mapping
  • Hallway View
  • Digital Auto Tracking
Form Factors:
  • Dome
  • Vandal Dome
  • Vandal Internal Dome
  • Bullet
  • Box
  • Retail
  • Commerical
  • Government
  • Airport
  • City Surveillance
  • Defence

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  1. HV-PNO-A9311R
    Hanwha Vision P Series 4K IR Bullet AI Camera
  2. CT-PNM-9031RV
    15MP NW H.265 IR Panoramic 192˚Camera
  3. CT-PNM-9000QB CT-PNM-9000QB Special order item
    2MP x 4CH Remote Head Camera
  4. CT-PNM-8082VT Special order item
    Hanwha Vision 6MP (2MP x 3) Multi-Sensor, Multi-Directional Camera
  5. CT-PNM-9022V
    2MP x 4CH H.265 Panoramic 209˚Camera with 2.8mm Fixed Focal Lens x4
  6. CT-PNM-7002VD Special order item
    2MP x 2CH Multi-Directional Camera (Lens not included)
  7. CT-PNM-9002VQ Special order item
    4K/20MP Multi-Directional Camera with Interchangeable Lens (Lens not included)
  8. CT-PNV-A6081R-E1T CT-PNV-A6081R-E1T Special order item
    Hanwha 2MP Network Camera with built-in 1TB Rugged SSD
  9. CT-PNV-A6081R-E2T CT-PNV-A6081R-E2T Special order item
    Hanwha 2MP Network Camera with built-in 2TB Rugged SSD
  10. CT-PNV-A9081RLP Special order item
    4K LPR/ANPR Network IR Vandal Dome Camera
  11. CT-PNB-A9001LP Special order item
    4K Low-Mid-High speed LPR/ANPR Network Box Camera
  12. CT-PNO-A6081R Special order item
    WISENET P Series 2MP Network AI IR Bullet Camera
  13. CT-PNV-A6081R Special order item
    WISENET P Series 2MP Network AI IR Vandal Dome Camera
  14. CT-PND-A6081RF Special order item
    WISENET P Series 2MP Network AI IR Dome Camera
  15. CT-PND-A6081RV CT-PND-A6081RV Special order item
    WISENET P Series 2MP Network AI IR Dome Camera
  16. CT-PNB-A6001 Special order item
    WISENET P Series 2MP Network AI Box Camera (No Lens included)
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