Body Temperature Screening System

EOS Australia is one of the most reliable sources of Body Temperature Measuring (BTM) Solution cameras that are capable of measuring highly accurate body temperatures ranging ±0.3℃ with built-in A.I. algorithm. It can measure multiple human bodies up to a distance of three metres, enabling rapid, non-contact screening in real-time. In response to the pandemic, it is highly recommended that the BTM Solution is implemented by utilising thermal cameras that can detect abnormal body temperatures, the most common symptom of pneumonia and other viral diseases. Thermal measurement is a fast and efficient way of detecting individuals who show no obvious symptoms but have been infected by a possible virus infection. Unattended access control terminals can be installed using the BTM Solution to facilitate fever detection and facial recognition at all types of thoroughfare including entrance and exit terminals. This is an ideal application for Airports, Train Stations and Subways, Schools, Shopping Centres and Government Buildings.


DISCLAIMER: EOS BTM products are not medical devices and cannot diagnose coronavirus infection. When installed and calibrated correctly, the BTM products can help identify individuals showing higher than average body temperature. Only a licensed medical professional can determine if an "elevated body temperature" individual is experiencing an abnormal medical condition. Recommendation to use BTM products in conjunction with a clinically tested digital thermometer.

Key Features

Deep Learning Algorithm base 
FACE Recognition


Temperature Measurement


DATA Analysis
and Track Record



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