{Obsolete} CT-SCP-3430H (discontinued)

## This model is discontinued. ##
Use CT-HCP-6320H instead.


Wisenet Analogue / 600TVL | 43x Optical Zoom | PTZ | WDR 


SCP-3430H PTZ dome cameras are able to capture quality images over expansive areas thanks to the inclusion of a 43x optical zoom. Embedded with Samsung Techwin's A1 chipset, these cameras offer clear and vivid images with 600TV lines color resolution and are able to perform perfectly at low light levels down to 0.7Lux/0.2Lux. SCP-3430H/2430H versions are pre-fitted into a housing for extra convenience.

  • Powerful 43x optical zoom (3.2 ~ 138.5mm) 
  • High resolution of 600TV lines (Color) 
  • Min. illumination of 0.7Lux (SCP-3430H) 0.2Lux (SCP-2430H) 
  • VPS (SCP-3430H), coaxial control support 
  • Intelligent video analytics (Moved/Fixed) 
  • WDR backlight compensation (SCP-3430H) 
  • 24V AC (Power supply not included) Pls note colour might not match 100% More detailed informations are available on PTZ Accessories section.
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Product Short InfoSamsung 43x Zoom High Resolution PTZ Dome Camera WDR Support. 24V AC Only
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