Ultimate in RF Performance

Ubiquiti AirMax Rocket M5 Basestation, 5GHz High Capacity MIMO PtMP, PtP AP (Acess Point).

RocketM5 can be used with the following Antennas:

  • SIT-Airmax-5G 16-120 (Up to 8~12km line of sight, 16dBi, 60-120Degrees) 
  • SIT-Airmax-5G 19-120 (Up to 10~15km line of sight, 19dBi, 60-120Degrees) 
  • SIT-AMO-5G10 (Up to 2km Radius, 10dBi, 360Degrees)
  • SIT-AMO-5G13 (Up to 4km Radius, 13dBi, 360Degrees)
As low as $660.00
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Product Short InfoUbiquiti Rocket M5 802.11a/n radio
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