Camera installation now simpler than ever with
Hanwha Techwin's Wisenet X Plus

The world is again paying attention to the global security company, Hanwha Techwin, for it fulfilled
the need for easier camera installation and management with its latest Wisenet X Plus series. While
featuring the proven core technologies of the existing Wisenet X series, the Wisenet X Plus cameras
provide easy installation through their advanced modular design.

Wisenet X Plus cameras’ straightforward installation and maintenance are the series’ unique features,
made possible by their modular structure and motorized PTRZ. The innovative modular design
permits an effortless set up experience, which utilizes magnets to lock sensor modules into the
housing for instant configuration. Also, installer-friendly package of the X Plus allows easy Pre-IP
assignment for network configuration by simply connecting an Ethernet cable to the camera through
the hole in the module box. This makes the Wisenet X Plus series one of the fastest cameras to install,
service, and upgrade, saving installer’s time. In addition, the motorized PTRZ also enhances
convenience by enabling remotely-controlled view changes, further simplifying installation and
additional adjustments.

Moreover, the camera's’ tilt angle has been extended for greater flexibility in camera placement and
use cases. While the conventional tilt angle remains at 67 degrees, the X Plus camera features an
extended tilt range of up to 85 degrees. This satisfies the user’s desire for greater viewing flexibility
through its guaranteed wider coverage, especially when installed in places with low ceilings.

Furthermore, the Wisenet X Plus cameras support immediate response to events with their gyro
sensors and audio playback on event. The latest Wisenet X Plus series boasts shock-detection
technology via new built-in gyro sensors, detecting unusual physical shocks and then notifying the
user for the quickest possible response. The audio playback feature also improves response time
and can hold up to five pre-recorded messages for user-defined situations through the built-in
microphone. If an illegal act is identified during monitoring, the camera triggers the appropriate audio
alarm message, which could potentially prevent accidents or diffuse situations by transmitting
warnings and instructions directly to the public.

In addition, the Wisenet X Plus cameras provide unmatched reliability in challenging environments
- a crucial feature for security cameras because without such technology, clear monitoring during spells
of rain, snow, or dust would be impossible. The cameras offer high reliability by providing high
resistance to weather and physical impacts with IP67, IP66, IP6K9K, and IK10+ ratings. They also
feature an increased operating temperature range of -58° to 140°F (-50° to 60° C), making them safe
to use in extremely cold or hot regions.

A source at Hanwha Techwin said, “The innovative modular design of Wisenet X plus cameras offers
unmatched productivity and usability for both professionals and first-timers.” He added, “We expect
this solution to be welcomed as it maximizes time effectiveness and significantly reduces the
demanded cost of installation.”