Launches three new PTZ PLUS cameras
XNP-9300RW | XNP-8300RW | XNP-6400RW
equipped with 7 SoC

The new PTZ PLUS offers remarkable PTZ performance with in house developed 4K 30x zoom lens (XNP-9300RW) and device platform. The wide range of lineup features 4K, 6MP, 2MP resolution and 30x/40x optical zoom.  It also supports monitoring in darkness up to 200 meters with Wise IR, which optimizes the amount of IRs and its angle at every zoom ratio.

Compact and Light, it is designed to reduce the burden of installation, installers can easily set and plug in RJ45 cable and utilise three-step twist mount, which greatly enhances the convenience of installation.

Flexible Bush is adopted to provide easy and durable protection against water without the need for additional waterproof treatment.  A built-in wiper and defroster removes water in two steps, preventing snow, rain, or dust from obstructing the camera view.

PTZ PLUS adopts a new design that allows for lightweight comfort and a whole new level of PTZ performance,” said a source at Hanwha Techwin. “Not only does it greatly increase the convenience of installation but also enhance the pan/tilt accuracy and detailed PTZ control." 

AI Based Object Auto Tracking
PTZ PLUS supports object (person or vehicle) auto tracking based on AI deep-learning algorithm.  And by simply right-clicking an object on a screen, it locks the object and tracks the targeted object. (target-lock tracking)
Wise IR, offering optimized IR at every zoom ratio
PTZ PLUS allows for monitoring in complete darkness up to 200meters with Wise IR. It optimizes amount of IR at every zoom ratio.
4K resolution and 30x Zoom, powerful PTZ performance
PTZ PLUS supports remarkable performance with new in-house developed 4K 30x zoom lens. Experience powerful new PTZ's performance.  
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