Take your company to the next level, using the high efficiency of Drones combined with VMS Digifort to put your system at the forefront of modern security.

Taking a long step towards the future of private and public surveillance, we have developed this powerful tool capable of taking the security of your assets to a new level never seen before, adding a new point of view extremely important for surveillance, which will be able to revolutionize the market and guarantee the safety of customers, with the certainty of substantial returns to those who invest in technology, and consequently, in the future.

In security and surveillance operations, an aerial image is extremely useful, both in the act of occurrences and in the recording of events on your Digifort server. By offering persistent aerial surveillance, increase the transparency of your security rounds with routine flight logs and real-time video images, efficiency that translates into a more attractive “Region of Interest”.

As it is completely integrated into the Digifort VMS system, existing features, such as operational maps, can be used to make the drone’s operation extremely refined.


Flight Review
After the flight, all images obtained are sent to your Digifort Server and are available for export and in-depth analysis.

Completely Integrated
Developed to be completely integrated with the VMS Digifort, Aeroguard performs, through the internet, the simultaneous connection with an unlimited number of DJI brand drones, allowing the unified management of the operation through its Digifort system, in real-time and anywhere in the world.


Advantages of using Digifort Drones for Surveillance

Inefficient Human Patrol
Human patrols are not as efficient as a Drone patrol in terms of time and area covered, especially when it is difficult to reach land. They also do not generate image records and offer several risks to the guards who carry out the rounds, a factor that results in the high cost of labor.
Static Surveillance
Traditional methods of security and surveillance are limited by the static nature of the camera, which is usually hand-held or attached to a frame. With Digifort Drones, you will be able to respond promptly to situations anywhere that does not have static cameras, increasing the range of your operation in a way never seen before.
Difficulties and Risks in the Prompt Response
First response patrol teams face unknown dangers in an emergency. These unforeseen situations can result in enormous collateral damage to patrol teams and others involved.
Inadequate Return on Investment
Considering these disadvantages, the amount of labor required and the possible damage that can occur, traditional security and surveillance methods can result in a considerably bad ROI.


Increased Operational Performance
With Digifort, drones can be used to assess threats from a remote location and provide air support. Ready to operate in less than a minute, they act as a second set of eyes that can be positioned anywhere at any time.

Increased Operational Efficiency
Drones can operate in stealth mode and maintain distance vision. In comparison to manual patrol, drones can quickly monitor a significantly larger area, especially in rough terrain or humanly inaccessible regions, and record all occurrences and events in association with Digifort.

Persistent Aerial Surveillance
With a vision higher than that of a human eye and with a range extremely superior to that of a fixed camera, Drones can be equipped with thermal and zoom cameras, as well as equipment such as searchlights and long-range speakers. Combine this with an aerial view of the ground and you have an unsurpassed safety tool.