X Core Series
X Core AI Dome Camera
XND-C9083RV / C8083RV / C7083RV / C6083RV

X Core AI Vandal Dome Camera
XNV-C9083R / C8083R / C7083R / C6083R

X Core AI Bullet Camera
XNO-C9083R / C8083R / C7083R / C6083R
X Plus Series
X Plus AI Dome Camera
XND-9083RV / 8093RV / 8083RV / 6083RV

X Plus AI Vandal Dome Camera
XNV-9083R / 8093R / 8083R / 6083R

X Plus AI Bullet Camera
XNO-9083R / 8083R / 6083R

X Plus AI Box Camera
XNB-9003 / 8003 / 6003

AI Based on Deep-Learning Technology

Metadata including information (person, face, vehicle, license plate) is sent to the backend server and used to extract information on specific events.

Operators are able to search AI events on the backend server. This greatly enhances search efficiency and reduces time spent on searching events.

Also it can be reducing false alarm when operators were monitoring scene.

Object Detection & Classification
IVA with Object Classification
IVA with Object Classification with Wisenet WAVE

WiseStream III with AI
Virtual Channel with Crop Image
HTTP Command Request for Event Action

Metal Shielded RJ-45 & Hard-coated Dome Bubble
Power Redundancy Failover
Modular Type for Easy Installation
Extended Tilting Angle