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March 2018
New EOS Mass Email Layouts
All new layouts for EOS Insider & EOS Newsletter.
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All new documents section on
Wisenet Launches Stainless Cameras
New stainless steel cameras from Wisenet.
New EOS EDM Layouts
EOS Insider and Newsletter will feature new layouts starting this mont to achieve a cleaner look.
EOS Newsletter
EOS Newsletter will feature a new layout in the next edition which will be introducing Connect O2's compatible HD cameras to the market.

Following the Connect O2 newsletter, we will be sending out a newsletter featuring Wisenet's transport solution with their new mobile equipment. Documents now has a documents page on the main menu where users can find brochures, catalogs and EOS forms.
Wisenet Launches Stainless Cameras
Global Security Company Hanwha Techwin launches stainless PTZ and vandal cameras (XNP-6320HS, XNV-8080RS).

The new stainless camera is a high strength and corrosion and acid-resistant camera manufactured with STS316L stainless steel. Furthermore, as a certified dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof camera, it can function in extreme environments such as those with low and high temperatures.
This makes it possible for the camera to be used in humid and windy environments, such as on ships, at harbors/ports, or near waterfronts. Since it is easy to clean and maintain, it is also usable in environments with strict hygiene standards including food processing plants, chemical facilities, or medical facilities.
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