Fire & Smoke Detection
Whether it is an Aged Care facility, commercial shopping centre or high rise building through to heavy industrial and highly technical industrial sites, an early fire detection with an effective alert system can be life-saving.

Please note this solution is not in any form to replace fire safety measures that must be compliant with fire safety regulations.

It is an added value to your existing fire safety system using your surveillance cameras covering some black spots or areas that are not being monitored by fire safety systems.
Digifort IPXAnalytics is a software that uses Artificial Intelligence to learn and detect events in surveillance cameras. Artificial intelligence is based on artificial neural networks, which are algorithms that try to mimic the behaviour of the human brain.  

Today, the platform can detect over 80 objects such as: person, boat, car, motorcycle, truck, plane, cellphone, notebook, television, suspect, weapon, long gun, motorcycle helmet, (person) with helmet or without safety helmet - PPE, etc. Through constant "teaching" and "training" the number of objects will continue to grow while improving its accuracy and performance.

Let us show you the different types of applications that uses this technology so that you may have a deeper understanding of how Digifort IPXAnalytics can be applied in real-life situations.
Digifort IPXAnalytics can reduce the amount
of "false positive" alarms considerably.

Cell Phone Detection

A ban on the use of mobile devices in specific areas for safety. The moment the system recognizes the objects, an alarm is triggered immediately by Digifort.
Digifort IPXAnalytics can enhance 
emergency or law enforcement response.
Weapons Detection

Weapons Detection technology has become a valuable tool that many security professionals are giving more consideration to, in light of the gun violence tragedies we see in our society on a regular basis. It’s important for schools, facilities and places of public gathering to become more proactive and minimise the tragedy.
Digifort IPXAnalytics can bookmark each fall detected and
protect the video footage from deletion indefinitely.

Fall Detection

Falls are a common occurrence for seniors, and, as many caregivers know, they can be very frightening. According to the World Health Organization, falls are the second leading cause of accidental or unintentional injury deaths worldwide. Immediate alert to nurses or caretakers upon a Fall Detection could save lives or further injuries.
Digifort IPXAnalytics can also detect not wearing hard hats,
protective goggles and even gloves.