EOS Australia Secures Partnership

AUBURN NSW AU — April 22, 2022 — EOS Australia, today announced a partnership with Quanergy Systems, Inc. (NYSE: QNGY), a leading provider of LiDAR sensors and Smart 3D Computer Perception Software, the brain of Quanergy’s 3D AI-powered LiDAR FlowManagement™ platform, aimed at increasing efficiency in response to security breaches and drastically reducing costly false alarms.

EOS can now provide its partners and their customers with accurate detection, tracking, and classification of intruders and out-of-the-box integration with VMS and PTZ camera systems to precisely pinpoint the location of potential threats and optimise the necessary security resources. The rich object data generated by the 
QORTEX™ perception software can be used to automate critical security processes to protect sensitive environments including government and enterprise buildings, airports, critical infrastructure, national borders, historic landmarks, and more.

This new partnership expands EOS Australia’s product portfolio across Australia and New Zealand. 
LiDAR is
Light Detection and Ranging which utilises time-of-flight (TOF) sensing technology that pulses low-power, eye-safe lasers to measure the time it takes for a laser to complete a round trip between the sensor and target. The data captured is then used to generate a 3D mapped point cloud image, providing both spatial location and depth information to identify, classify and track moving objects. Quanergy's Access Control platform, built on its 100% solid-state S3 sensor, provides the unmatched accuracy and reliability necessary to ward off potential tailgaters attempting to enter critical facilities such as lobby doors, data centres, and controlled spaces in banks, public transportation, and public venues. 

 “We are excited to partner with EOS who is one of the largest Electronics Security Distributors in Australia. EOS is a well-established organisation with years of expertise in the supply, design and development of Physical Security Solutions,"
said Gerald Becker, VP of Market Development and Alliances at Quanergy. 
“Quanergy’s LiDAR is the pinnacle technology for Perimeter Intrusion Detection. Their platform is designed to increase efficiency in response to security breaches and drastically reduce costly false alarms. We are proud to be a partner of Quanergy and we look forward to distributing the LiDAR sensor and 3D perception software to the ANZ market to further enhance electronic security systems for perimeter and smart city projects,”
 said Patrick Cha, Managing Director at EOS Australia.  
EOS will be Quanergy’s first distributor in Australia and New Zealand, providing access to Quanergy’s LiDAR-based system  
QORTEX DTC™ to increase security for Australia and New Zealand’s government and critical infrastructure facilities.
For further information go to LiDAR Enabled Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PID) System or contact your EOS account manager!

About Quanergy Systems, Inc.
Quanergy’s (NYSE: QNGY and QNGY.WS) mission is to create powerful, affordable smart LiDAR solutions for automotive and IoT applications to enhance people’s experiences and safety. Quanergy has developed the only true 100% solid-state CMOS LiDAR sensor built on optical phased array (OPA) technology to enable the mass production of low-cost, highly reliable 3D LiDAR solutions. Through Quanergy’s smart LiDAR solutions, businesses can now leverage real-time, advanced 3D insights to transform their operations in a variety of industries including industrial automation, physical security, smart cities, smart spaces and much more. Quanergy solutions are deployed by nearly 400 customers across the globe. 
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