D I G I F O R T   S M A R T   S O L U T I O N S
D I G I F O R T  -  D N A
A surprising feature of DIGIFORT DNA is the personalized way to serve the projects brought by our business partners. Not all projects are the same, that is why we have a multi disciplinary department focused on developing creative solutions for each need, individually and always innovatively delivering solutions that go far beyond image monitoring.
D I G I F O R T  -  V M S 
Digifort, the award-winning open platform VMS, offers integrated solutions combined with the highest performance and low-cost support. It features a performance-based architecture, which provides stability and maximum response along with lower resource demand relative to other VMS of similar category. As a result, we obtain video surveillance software with an extremely lightweight structure, allowing us to save the process of hardware acquisition and maintenance.
I N T E G R A T E D  -  P L A T F O R M
DIGIFORT, has one of the most versatile platforms on the market that integrates with various devices and third-party systems. Using its API allows the interaction of different solutions on a single screen.  An open-architecture VMS recognizes the strength in integrating with technology partners that enable your expertise to maximize the use of our platform. Each project is a unique puzzle and, Digifort can provide its expertise to provide all the pieces.

Digifort allows the integration of a wide range of devices by having native support for more than 9000 models of: IP Cameras • DVR • NVR • Video Servers • I/O Devices • Audio Devices.  Additionally, Digifort provides support for ONVIF®. and is integrated with a wide variety of third-party systems such as access control systems, intrusion alarms, PSIM, perimeter fences, RFID platforms, among others.
P E R I M E T E R  -  S O L U T I O N S
Physical perimeter security technologies provide additional layers of protection in the high-security environment and are the first line of defence against a threat. Digifort has a variety of options to increase perimeter security as integration with major brands in the world of peripheral sensors and a complete suite of analytics video for perimeters, capable of generating an early warning for any possible threat.
19  L A N G U A G E S  -  S U P P O R T E D 
Digifort software is written in 19 different languages:
English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Czech, Lithuanian, Japanese, Korean, Hungarian, Thai, Persian and Arabic. 

The Client language (Administration, Surveillance, and Web) can now be dynamically changed for each user registered on the system,
overwriting the computer language option.
F A C I A L  -  R E C O G N I T I O N 
SAFR is the facial recognition platform seamlessly integrated with DIGIFORT VMS and aims to identify known individuals; unknown individuals, employees, VIPs, even possible threats utilising image generating bookmarks, alerts and/or notifications.

SAFR was designed to connect and adapt to different environments with the aim of generating a wide profit margin; such as: access controls; event monitoring, school security, digital signage, camera integration, retail and analytics in physical spaces.

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