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▶ Advanced optical performance that supports 6-megapixel high resolution security cameras for the first time in the world

- Supporting the large 1/1.8” sensor

▶ Models to match various camera types

- Available in two types, i.e. one with the CS mount for box cameras and the other in the module type for built-in camera application
- Also available with the P-Iris control to achieve optimum adjustment in the amount of light in scenes such as backlit conditions that require fine aperture adjustment

▶ Covering various installation locations and usages

- Adjustable focal length from 4.1mm to 9mm (2.2x)
- Day / Night type that supports near-infrared wavelengths to capture clear footage even at night
- Capable of wide-angle shooting with 100+ degree horizontal angle of view (when mounted on a camera with a 1/1.8” sensor)

Compatible sensor size 1/1.8”
Focal length 4.1mm-9mm
Zoom ratio 2.2x
Aperture range F1.6 – T360
Minimum objectdistance (M.O.D.) 0.3m
Angle of view [horizontal x vertical] Wide: 100° 1' × 74°21'Tele: 45°17' × 33°59'
Angle of view [horizontal x vertical] Aspect ratio 16:9 Wide: 109°23' × 60°32'Tele: 49°18' × 27°47'
Dimensions φ65.2×66.6mm
Mass 135g
More Information
Product Short Info6 MP , 1/2", 4.1-9mm, F1.6~T360, DC Auto (I), Manual (F,Z)
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