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Issue #March 2012 Newsletter 




Digifort Video Management System Latest to be Intransa Certified


CUPERTINO, Calif. & AUBURN, Australia--()--Intransa, the physical security infrastructure and services company, announced that Digifort’s Video Management System has been pretested and SELECT certified for use with Intransa’s optimized physical security server and storage infrastructure platforms.

Digifort’s Video Management System (VMS) is designed for simplicity and engineered for small, medium and enterprise applications. The VMS software, for TCP/IP environments, combines layers of functionality with an intuitive interface and includes core functions such as image recording, synoptic maps, PTZ control, video exports, alerts, events and administration. In addition Digifort’s client/server architecture allows for local and remote surveillance, the integration of alarms & access control through system events, administration of multiple users, the capacity for automatic disk administration and a range of live surveillance tools.

“Being SELECT certified provides our users around the world with the confidence and peace of mind pretesting for use with Intransa brings,” said George Pilarinos, business development manager, Digifort. “In addition to being preloaded for use with Intransa’s platforms, our VMS software is robust, affordable and intuitive and offers layers of functionality.”

About Intransa

Intransa, Inc. delivers video optimized products and services for the Video Network Administrator. Based on the concept of providing dependable, universal access to physical security applications such as video surveillance, Intransa delivers server, storage and application platforms and a wide range of industry leading services. Our ground-breaking technology lowers cost and eliminates the complexity and ongoing support challenges of integrating commodity servers and storage, while slashing energy consumption and increasing reliability. Customers also leverage our expertise, learned through the installation and support of thousands of our platforms in demanding physical security projects.

Intransa has been named a Security Industry Association’s New Product Showcase winner, a Homeland Security Award recipient, New Product of the Year at ASIS International in 2009 and 2011, and a Top 30 Technology Innovation of 2009 among many other security and IT industry awards.

Digifort will be represented at the 3 leading exhibitions around the world in 2012.

ISC WEST, Las Vegas, Nevada,  Intransa booth #26127

SECUTEC Taipei, Taiwan, Booth # K400-K403 & M321-M329

IFSEC Birmingham, UK, Booth # E137 Hall 4-4, #K20 Hall 4-4

We hope to see you there!


Digifort 6.6 release notes.
Wait is nearly over!

New Features and Enhencements

  • New architecture database.
  • Interlace filter in video playback.
  • New option for property identification image. With this new feature, administrator can add a watermark.
  • New option to add text watermark on exported images. Now the operator
    can add a text on images exported as evidence of ownership and origin of images.
  • Added automatic positioning of cameras that use protocol ONVIF.
  • The acceleration of video playback has been improved. The video acceleration will now only decode the key frames, reducing bandwidth consumption and CPU usage to accelerate video.
  • User will have the option to accelerate the video: 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x, 64x, 128x, 512x and 256X.
  • Video playback in multi-threaded. Video playback is now done with resources multi-thread, significantly improving performance for playback of cameras simultaneously, especially in megapixel.
  • Plus much much more, too long to list here.

Introducing our hard working team responsible for the new improvements


Digifort Mobile

Announcing, new and improved APP for your iPHONE or iPAD.
Previous version were able to view live images only. The new Digifort APP can perform
playback and digital zoom.

Availbale on your APP store, just type "iDIGIFORT" or just update your old version.


VCA Video Analytics integrated with Digifort

Our Principles:

  • Make it work well
  • Make it easy to use
  • Make it affordable

What can VCA not do!

  • Cannot do face recognition or other biometric vision applications
  • Cannot do vision based industrial inspection

I-LIDS Certified
I-LIDS certification

VCA Video Analytics is independently certified by UK Governments’ HOSDB laboratory

“i-LIDS® approved secondary detection system for operational alert use in sterile zone monitoring applications.”, May 12, 2009
All critical UK Government projects require I-LIDS certification

What type of VCA application licenses are available?

  • VCA Count - Counting people & vehicles (VCA pro with shadow filter)
  • VCA Access - Tailgating detection
  • VCA Detect - Perimeter solution, Classsification, Direction and Dwell filter
  • Stabilizer - Image stabilization, removes camera shake
  • Plus Appear/Dissappear, Stopped, Speed filter plus much more.
  • VCA Smoke, Fire & Colour - Smoke and Fire detection, plus detection based on colour. This VCA is only available in Edge Based Analytics, hence must purchase our VCA IP camera, available from Eos Australia.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4ERUYr1QEw – Car Counting

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4I4Um6ECvYY – Classifications between a Vehicle and a Motorbike
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htM6tzH-XAo – LPR Database checks for a number plate and triggers on recognition of a NSW Police vehicle.